[Inbox Insights] Application release

What is Inbox Insights?

Inbox Insights is an application for detailed testing of email deliverability.

What do you get with Inbox Insights?

1) Precise and fast automated deliverability testing in two clicks
2) In-depth information about your email placement across Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

3) Access to the sender score and blacklists details for each of your sending IPs.
4) Domain’s technical issues analysis, review DNS records, and receive expert’s recommendations on how to fix issues.

Release status

Now, the Folderly team is in the final stage of developing the Inbox Insights app.

The Folderly team is doing final fixes and testing of the Inbox Insights app in order to release a quality app that will not have any problems negatively affecting the quality and usability of the application.

We will notify you about the release of Inbox Insights so that you don't miss the opportunity to try the free version!

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💡 Feature Request


High Priority

Mar 31, 2024

4 months ago


Oleksandr Laptiev

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