[Folderly App] New Folderly score

We noticed that the Foldelry score does not accurately reflect the situation with deliverability, so we made significant adjustments to the Foldelry score calculation.

What is the Folderly score?

Folderly score - is the score of the user’s email deliverability that includes the user’s keeping Best practices rules and Spam triggers.

How Folderly calculates the score?

The Folderly score is a weighted average of the metric scores * inbox rate coefficient.

Folderly score calculation based on these metrics:

  • Best practices score

  • Outlook spam triggers score

  • Gmail spam triggers score

Metrics weights in Folderly score:

  • Best practices: 50%

  • Outlook spam triggers: 25%

  • Gmail spam triggers: 25%

Notice: The reason for separating Gmail and Outlook spam triggers is that they are two different providers with different spam filtering algorithms. That fact significantly affects the situation with user’s deliverability.

You can see more detailed information about Folderly score in the “Changelog” tab, where we will post the monthly digests on what is new in Folderly.

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Feb 11, 2024

4 months ago


Oleksandr Laptiev

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