[Pulse] Application release

After the release of Inbox Insights, the Folderly team will be developing and testing a new application in the Folderly ecosystem named Pulse!

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a simple application for spam placement monitoring.

Users will be able to set up continuous monitoring in two clicks, as well as its Inbox rate condition to remain flexibility for each case.

And most importantly! Users will receive notifications if their emails on monitoring land in the spam folder. In addition, users will always be able to customize notification recipients as needed.

For example: Send me a notification if the inbox rate is < 80%.

Only email and Slack notifications will be available in the first release version. We don't plan to stop there and will gradually add the ability to receive notifications in Discord, and others; or tools that will be requested by users.

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High Priority

Jun 29, 2024

4 months ago


Oleksandr Laptiev

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